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The Filthy Mind Detector

From the instruction manual of the Play-Doh Creativity Table we got for Iris for her birthday:

fuzzy pumper

Electronic slough

More debris trails of my online life –


Iris turns three tomorrow, and I came across a “dictionary” of words we started to help translate some of her utterings when she was around two years old:

“shower” = “SHAW-woo”
“flower” = “FLAW-woo”
“blueberry” = “BOO-bay-bay”
“spider” = “sphh-EYE-doo”
“swing” = “sphwing”
“i’m stuck” = “i suck”, or “suck this” (stuck this)
“finger” = “fucka” (funny to hear her say that after one of us tickles her)
“elephant” = “opposite” or “off-o-zit” (no idea why)
“mine” = “mine”, “mines”, or “MY-comb” (we still haven’t figured this one out)
“coos” = “blue’s clues”
“tip” = “trip”
“strawberries” = “stawberries”
“coffee” = “coffeez”
“underwear” = “underpoos”
“diaper change” = “diapoo chain”
“biscuit” = “biksit”
“look!” = “luke!”
“hungry” = “hong-ree”
“elephant”, “opposite” = “off-is-it”

There are probably more that we forgot to write down. She changes so quickly that a lot of these little observations get lost in time. It is amazing how quickly she’s gone from her one-word sentences to more elaborate communication.

Jon should be a movie critic

When he says things like this, I wonder if he wasn’t born to be a movie critic instead of a software engineer:

It’s better than the last one, but that’s like saying getting stabbed in the eye by a clean sharp knife is better than getting stabbed in the eye by an old rusty knife.

How to make friends on the Fourth of July

Thanks, Chris, for this video find.

You coppers can’t keep me locked up forever, see? Myeah! Myeah!

Our friends Jon and Kate tried to take their son Iain to the Mill Mountain zoo yesterday, but were asked to leave the mountain because this happened:

A Japanese monkey aptly named Oops bolted from the Roanoke city zoo, sparking a park-wide shutdown as staff searched the surrounding forest where they could hear her in the trees.

Full article.