Monthly Archives: August 2007

Slightly better than WTF Cabin

The is an old find, back when we were looking for places to stay near Shenandoah:

Watch out for Jason Vorhees coming out of the lake

Looks to be in good shape despite its name. Or is it? They don’t show pictures of the inside…

(in case you don’t know what FUBAR stands for)

There are always reasons to hate computers.

So, why post another?

Well, this error I recently experienced in Eclipse was amusing:

“An internal error occurred while showing an internal error.” Eclipse’s way of saying, “Senator, I do not recollect those events.”

Real life analogy: Barb at BKA once told us about a former coworker of hers who accidentally cut off his finger on some industrial equipment at the WestVaco paper mill in Covington, Virginia. A manager wanted to know what happened, so the coworker went to the machine and demonstrated the chain of events. And lost another finger.

WHAT did you call me???

My eighteen months of frustrating COBRA insurance coverage is coming to an end, and I recently received a letter explaining the expiration of my coverage. Their choice of salutation is interesting:

Did they just call me a penis?? Ah well. I’ve called them much worse things over these past eighteen months.