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Baby Jesus has returned…

…as a pork product?

See for yourself!

The money quote:

The Baby must dry several weeks before it is ready to be sold.

I’m off to buy some Baby Jesus and Lil Chub.

(thanks to Galen for the discovery.)

p.s., why is there a Buddha on the banner for

p.p.s., there is a band called Jesus Sausage. because you needed to know that.

Creation Science Fair? No it’s not!

[16:17] Chris: heh, i am reading this call for a christian science fair entries
[16:17] Dave: omg
[16:17] Chris: they have a bunch of suggestions for entries
[16:17] Chris: “8. How much voltage or current can a human take before he is killed? Could do experiments on a plant.”
[16:18] Dave: lol
[16:18] Chris: i hope they mean plant like a green plant, not plant like a spy

[16:18] Dave: hahaha
[16:19] Chris: “12. Trilobites prove Noah’s flood because they are curled up or not?”
[16:19] Chris: here’s a non-controversial one
[16:19] Chris: “18. Is intelligence influenced by physical attributes. i.e. are blondes “dumb” or does skin color influence intelligence?”
[16:20] Chris: here’s the one ann coulter submitted: “23. Why do we have an Adams apple?”
[16:20] Dave: hahahahaha

The Komai sure know how to treat a lady.

Story from Galen yesterday in IRC:

i watched a show about two brits who lived with a tribe in new papua
they collect dog’s teeth to buy wives
and pigs are highly prized, like as much as people
anyway, one of the brits asks how many pigs it would cost to buy a wife and the dude goes:
“your question makes no sense at all”
“you can’t buy a woman with pigs, you buy women with dogs’ teeth”

Guerrilla marketing?

Kathryn sat at the intersection, waiting to turn left. A truck with an attached trailer sat at the same intersection, in the lane next to her, waiting to go straight. The light turned green, and both vehicles tried to go their separate ways. But the truck’s trailer got snagged on Kathryn’s front right bumper, and dragged her car into the intersection. And she had a work client in the car! Luckily, there were no injuries – just body damage to the front right bumper. Both drivers pulled over and exchanged information and filed the police report. At this point, Kathryn found out that the other driver owns an auto body shop. He even gave her a business card!

Coincidence? Who knows!

I drove down to the site of the accident to drive Kathryn’s car to a different auto body shop to get the repair estimate. Her car is still sort of drivable – the only thing dodgy is the right front tire, which has some as yet non-fatal gashes in it. When we told the other auto body shop the name of the guy who was driving the truck, they recognized his name, and told us that he had filed for bankruptcy at some point in the past.

So, that got the conspiracy theory gears going in my head. Now I’m really starting to think that the guy was desperate for business!

Science is pretty

I just saw an awesome video about computer simulations being used for scientific research and visualization.

It is an incredible look at how computer simulations are helping us reveal even more of our amazing universe. Click the montage of screencaps to see the video. Or, here’s a direct download link.

How much for that boring puppy in the window?


It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

I had too much fun with the Face Transformer web toy, a gizmo that transforms a photo of a face into different ethnicities, ages, and artistic styles:

From left to right: Original, baby, child, teenager, old, Afro-Caribean, Caucasian, west Asian, feminized, Modigliani, Boticelli, El Greco, Manga, Apeman, drunk

From left to right: Original, baby, teenager, young adult, old, Afro-Caribean, Caucasian, west Asian, masculinized, Modigliani, Boticelli, Manga, Apeman, drunk

From left to right: Original, baby, child, teenager, old, Afro-Caribean, east Asian, west Asian, masculinized, Modigliani, Boticelli, Manga, Apeman, drunk

Click any of the montages above to get to the larger versions on Flickr.

Google Sees All, Knows All

Google’s amazing new Street View feature of Google Maps is watching your shenanigans. It WILL catch you in the act. So be careful. Take it from this guy:


(more Street View goodies)