Guerrilla marketing?

Kathryn sat at the intersection, waiting to turn left. A truck with an attached trailer sat at the same intersection, in the lane next to her, waiting to go straight. The light turned green, and both vehicles tried to go their separate ways. But the truck’s trailer got snagged on Kathryn’s front right bumper, and dragged her car into the intersection. And she had a work client in the car! Luckily, there were no injuries – just body damage to the front right bumper. Both drivers pulled over and exchanged information and filed the police report. At this point, Kathryn found out that the other driver owns an auto body shop. He even gave her a business card!

Coincidence? Who knows!

I drove down to the site of the accident to drive Kathryn’s car to a different auto body shop to get the repair estimate. Her car is still sort of drivable – the only thing dodgy is the right front tire, which has some as yet non-fatal gashes in it. When we told the other auto body shop the name of the guy who was driving the truck, they recognized his name, and told us that he had filed for bankruptcy at some point in the past.

So, that got the conspiracy theory gears going in my head. Now I’m really starting to think that the guy was desperate for business!

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