Monthly Archives: September 2005

Blogworthy quote

IMs from Josh:

my old ex-boss starts a conversation with: “I work with shittossing thumbless monkeys”

and you say i love bitching … and leading people on with my bitching. 🙂

ApeDance – the prequel

OK so it is apparent that Steve Ballmer likes to use the “Crazy Car Salesman” persona when hawking Microsoft, as shown clearly by this video (WMV 873kb):

If the WMV doesn’t work for ya then try the flash version.

Only geeks will appreciate this.

A message from a coworker:

I’m glad you all are doing this. I thought a grep was something that grew on a vine to stomp on and make wine.

Thanx for all your help!


I wonder if this is a common toddler story…

Kathryn, Iris, and I are enjoying our nice Labor Day dinner on our newly finished deck improvements outside. We’re all talking to one another and at one point Iris looks at me and says “Momma” (which she does every now and then – she calls Momma “Dadda” sometimes, too.) So, Momma corrects her by saying to her, “No, he’s Dadda; I’m Momma”. Iris turns to me with a jubilant look on her face and cries out “DADDA!” To match her mood, I cry out “EUREKA!” And she replies, “No, I’m Iris; you’re Dadda!”

Quote of the day

“The chief danger of an air raid, he said, was splintered glass
from windows. Thus, when one hears the siren one should get a
drink, lie down on a couch and put two pillows over
oneself–one pillow over the eyes and the other over the
groin…if the eyes or groin were injured, life was not worth
living. It was good advice for any groundling in the age
before atom bombs; and I took it.”

– Theodore White, recalling advice given him by cryptographer
Herbert Yardley during White’s reporting stint in China during
the early 1940s.