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Album of the week

Prodigy – Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

Lately I’ve been on this mellow yuppie downtempo electronica kick that is my generation’s equivalent of easy listening. Stuff like Morcheeba, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, etc. So I finally shocked some sense into me with the latest Prodigy offering. Yum!! Very brash and catchy. Only Prodigy can take riffs from Love Buzz (remember Nirvana’s Bleach?) and Michael’s Jackson’s Thriller and turn them into something new and interesting. finding

Full of vitamins, full of goodness.

The Spinach House is coming to Roanoke!

I gets lonely livin’ in the country

On Feb 6th, Kathryn, Iris, and I were headed towards Snowshoe for our little weekend ski trip. Near Covington, we exited I-64 and stopped in a Subway to get some sandwiches. While waiting in the car with Iris, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye painted on the side of a nearby train car. Several double-takes later, I took this picture:

Yes, it says “Do not hump”. Yes, I still have an immature brain, causing me to laugh like a 12-year old upon seeing this. And, yes, there is a good reason for such an obscure warning: (link)

Hot or not? (7 bit version)

An interesting twist of an overplayed theme:

ASCII Hot Or Not?

BBBBBBBBB00B@M aM72;2Srr;;;i;iii:,:::::,:,,,,,XMaZSaZ2Z2aSXaaa2aa22222
BBBBBB0BBBBWW:2MZ;.SZr77rr;;i;i;iiiiiiiii::i: raZX8X8Xa2S0SZaSa2222aaa
BB0BBBBBBBW2;MBB, 8S7r;iiiii::::,,i:,,,::iiiii:78ZXX;ZrrXX7SXZZZZZaaaZ
BBBBBB00B0B:WM0X ZaSXr7.    ..,,.,:.  .  ...,:.72ZSa,2r;i2,aiZS8Zaaaaa
BBBB0BB0BB87M@2 iM@BZBMMM02ri.. ,..     ,       78X7;XS;:2 SrrZ2Z2aaa2
BBBB0BBBBWa@MW  M;      iaZ2r;:,, ..r;a80@MMMMM87Sa;irX.,;;;a:ZXZaaaaa
BBB00BBB0BXMMr rM.;XX7;.  .7Xi:i   :,:,.        ;;XX:iZ ;,0r;X,SaZa2aa
BBBB00BB088M8r MZ:7Sr;:    iaa;:  ,:i;i:;i,.:,:,i;rX::2r.:@: aiZSZZa2a
BB0B0BB00BMMr.;M;aMMMBMMMB2iS0Xi.:;rSXr7r7,  .,:i;i7X ;S 7S7 a;72Z2aa2
BB0000BZ0@MSi77ar;rr7Xr,.:,,aWr;ii7r7,iB78MMMMM7X7:;ri:;7 Zi 2X,SaaZ2a
BB0BBBWaWWZXa:8Xr;;::,..ir728Xi,iri;X7:ir.;;;;00ai2 X7,,.SSr.XXr7Sa2a2
BBBBBB0aM8Z2Zi8Xrrr;ii.,;;r287i:i;::;;r7ri.      iX7.;Xr iar :Sr:X2ZaS
B0B00BW8MZZ2Zr8r7;;;;r;;,0WS.  ;;iai.,i,,::.,..:,:ri7Z,.i,r;XirZrrSa22
BBBBBW8rM2Za0i077r;;;;;:i@S,      727 ,i:,,,  .,i:7:7rMr :72r2;SS;S2Sa
BBBBBMarMB8XB 8a7rr;;ii.rS 8ZXaXaa,:S  :::.:,::::.iir7aM7i77aSS;SrX2a2
BBBBBM Z@BW0Z 7Z7;rii:i:i7S8.:; :;r7:.. ::::,::::i;r:2MZ:iZ;rXZXXrSXS2
BB0BWM MWa7i7 X8XXr;i:ir7r7X     ,,::::..,,,::iii:;S:M0X.;8a77S7Xr2S2a
BB0BBW MB.2Sr;S8SX;i:i;7;;;i  i,.:,iiii,..,:,i:i;irX:07r;;aXZ,aX2Xr222
BBBBW0;MM 0XraXZ2X;i;;i::i;SXrrii.  ,:;:,,::,:i;;;i7;72: r7SZiX87r;2a2
BBB8WSMWM2@2ZBr2277ir,r0ZZXS8SrrXXX;,  i:,.::ii;iriXMSS.:iX70..0iX7Xa2
ZaZXM:MZWaWWZZ0SX77,, i8BaSX7SS7XSZ0WB;.,:.,:;iii;r0Ma.::i7i@ ,W7rX272
MMMMMrM88,BW82MZr77i,;7;irXXr:,rr7::. ,...,i;;;i;XrB0r r7;iSZ X8;iXB2S
MMMMM28Z8,MW82MMr;77:;X7r:,,i;i. . ..,;,.:::iiirXaSBB,;Xi;8a  Z7.XrZ88
MMMMM0MZZ2M0B2MMMi7Xiir;ri:,::ii:::::::.,:ii;r;X2iaM rSrS8ri ;Bii8XaS0
MMMMMaM;i0@8Wa BMM;Xr:;i;:,,,.,.., .....,iiii;;Z72M :B8a;ra,,Z;:aXSaSZ
MMMMMiMB @@0@i. ;MMXXi;i;::i:.. ...::,.,i;;;;S87W@ ,rB;XW2.;2S27S;ar0S
MMMMMX@M MMXW:;; ,MMari:ri::.:.,,,:,,:i;S7i:Sir77 ,,rWBar,SB2r0ia.a7r0
MMMMM00M7M:r7i:7, 7MMB2i:,,:,,,.....,.:r7XZa7XMX:7;.X22X28Xir2Z7a0iar7
MMMMMM0M28ir;r;:i2: ZMMWZX:,..:...,:;XaZZSiiXX.;;i ;ZZX:S77r2;8SaZ0;X;
WS,  W@@0riXri;iXZ;, .aS0@WM@WBBWW@@W02;:rX. SS7:; XBB 02Sr77iSSZ8ZBZ2
;,,7irMM2:i;;iX:rSi;: 0Xir7rrrr77rr;:.,i7: B87i  ,ZBWiXBS7;irar7:aB080
SX7S2,BM2;7iiri:ra7:;:;W2X7777rr;i:iiiri iZ8.  ia8Z07:rWi7irSMZ@0ri@Wa
SX;SSiBMiiS7r;;iXiM:,;i,raZSXri;;;;;;,  @MX;i;X7S2Zr,:S8;ri70 78MMWZWM
XriXriSM7:r;ir7r7:MWi:,7;:iX22aXrr;ii,0M2, r,::rXS7:i 2XX7i7BZ.  aWMM0
Sr7X:S.MX7irr7;r;:XZM:r.,;i.:;,iS;ri X@Xi,  ;iiiX7;:i:BrXi;S.,0ZX,:iXX
a;XXr;rM2.XX:irX;r2 ;WM7ir:,r,,i   ;Ma;,:i:i;i7XSi.ii 8r2riai,7rrX::r;
27r;ZS MM.irrrii;SX2..7ZM@a;X; r,@MXii, ,i.Xa7Z:i7irii0iZ;;XX i,72Siii
XrXiS7,7M7r:r7;rri7Sai.ii:828ZMM0Z;:: ;:ri.ZS.Xii;:i;iZ,8;.77XZ7:;i:7X
rX7r8;r MM,r;i7rX;;7XS7..: rMM0X.i,::..,S2X8Xi,;i7:riiaiZ7iXr:XiiXrr2r
XXrZ;Sr;,MM7SXr7r7;X7X2222BXr .i i:;XX2;2S7.rr;irr;r;r7r2X;rSXri7riX;;

He’s a g**damn f***ing poet!

An interesting poetic line from Josh:

“I have several crutches and they are all mine. Some are plated with gold and some are silken fine.”

Word of the day

octothorpe (noun): Another name for the telephone handset symbol #.

Apparantly, there are never enough words for things. Back in MY day, we would just grunt and scratch ourselves. And we LIKED it!

Spiritual Humanism

Finding Secular Humanism a tad too ego-centric, I had a look at There, you can “become an ordained member of the Spiritual Humanist clergy for FREE”. Strange that this is the very first thing on the page that you see – I guess this is the hook! Alas and alack, there are some significant powers a Spiritual Humanist clergymember simply does not enjoy, as mentioned in the FAQ on the site:

You are prohibited from performing ceremonies that involve exorcism, circumcision and animal sacrifice.

What, all at once?!? Damn!!! What a party that would be!

Understatement of the year

"When you see the water going down, this is not so much a good
 idea to go and collect beautiful shells."

 - Alexander Rabinowitch of the University of Moscow during a
   videoconference on tsunamis at the Pacific Geoscience Centre,
   Vancouver Island in March 2005.

All Hail Bob!

This is for Josh, who recently joined the Church of the SubGenius