Monthly Archives: April 2004

funny spam subject

Sometimes spam subjects are funny enough to be worth the hassle of deleting the emails:

“Now you can have her cozen batwing”

Spammers try to confuse the ever-increasing sophistication of spam filters by adding random phrases and sentences to their annoying emails. These sentences are occasionally funny:

“The demise of my hamster made me cry. The demise of my hamster made me cry. Laura was apprehensive when I told her Bob Dole loved her. The demise of my hamster made me cry.”

One of the latest tricks I’ve seen is for spammers to include obscure quotations (biblical and otherwise) as the first paragraph of the spam. So before reading about some awesome offer for cheap V14GR4, you at least get to enjoy a pithy chunk of wisdom before abandoning such paths to enlightenment in favor of enlarging your “Purple-helmeted yogurt-thrower” (actual spam quote).

“So huge it drags!”

If we can’t fight it, might as well enjoy it.