Monthly Archives: May 2006

They are beautiful because they are mathy.

Bathsheba Grossman makes fantastic sculptures by printing in 3D with metal.

s1 s2 s3
s4 s5 s6

I wish I had the spare cash to spring for one of these. Though, the “Mini” models are somewhat affordable (less than $100).

I found about about the artist from Make Magazine‘s video podcast.

Caution: Do Not Eat

Do you ever wonder when it is OK to eat breakfast sausage and when it is NOT OK to eat breakfast sausage?


Figure 1: Normal sausage


Figure 2: Abnormal sausage

This is what we pulled out of our fridge yesterday. Spontaneously inflating food is probably a clear warning sign to stay away. Luckily, we managed to dispose of the sausage before it could turn into an all-consuming, remorseless blob.

Some funnies

Quick and simple post with some hilarious video findings –

Local News Blooper of the Year
Aspiring anchors, take note.

Zero Job Satisfaction
(Warning: copious amounts of swearing. Perhaps brought on by lack of good psychiatric medicines. Or lack of good career counseling sessions.)

Long-Lost Deleted Scene From Star Wars
(hilarious bit from Robot Chicken, which in season 2 has rekindled the love). Warning: Only likely to be funny if you have any kind of familiarity with Star Wars. And on a related note, here’s Neverending Party, a Robot Chicken spoof of The Neverending Story.

Coke BarF

Have you ever sucked on a bar rag used to clean spilled Coke and coffee? No? Neither have I. But I think I came close to when I decided to try this stuff:



“Coca-Cola BlaK is CokeĀ® Effervescence with Coffee Essence.”

Yeah. Best review I read said “BlaK” is the sound you make regurgitating this nasty drink!