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A great idea from Jon: H.P. Lovecraft meets bizarre vintage food adverts:

It was very peculiar, but as the little boy uttered his petition there seemed to form overhead the shadowy, nebulous figures of exotic things; of hybrid creatures, crowned with horn-flanked disks.

Those who described these strange shapes felt quite sure that they were not human, despite some superficial resemblences in size and general outline.

The odor of the fish was maddening; but I was too much concerned with graver things to mind so slight an evil, and set out boldly for an unknown goal.

(thanks to boingboing and accordionguy for mashup fodder)

Try the veal

(15:03:11) Frank: Did you hear about the penguin in a santa suit who went to the psychiatrist?
(15:03:21) Frank: diagnosis: bipolar!
(15:03:34) Frank: tip your waitresses…
(15:03:48) Frank: I’ll be here all week…
(15:03:52) David: <insert cricket chirps here>

Ultimately, EVERYBODY just wants to makes music.

Remember 80s movie staple Rick Moranis?

You loved him in Ghostbusters. And Little Shop of Horrors. And the Honey, I Shrunk the Everything series of flicks. Well fast-forward a bit from the 80s (a VERY long bit, come to think of it) and you’ll find that he’s released a country music album, of all things, named “Agoraphobic Cowboy”.

(his site | his explanation | amazon reviews)

Dumbest moments in business

(via Business 2.0):

Winner, Dumbest Moment, Outsourcing
Told you we shouldn’t have rented that list from the Department of Homeland Security.

Blaming a mailing-list vendor for providing bad information, JPMorgan Chase apologizes for sending a form letter about its credit card services to an Arab American man in California addressed to “Palestinian Bomber.”

Another good one:

Winner, Dumbest Moment, Public Relations
Men, on the other hand, have a charming self-destructive quality.

Speaking at an ad industry event in Toronto, WPP Group’s worldwide creative director, Neil French, says there aren’t more female creative directors “because they’re crap” and they eventually “wimp out” and “go off and suckle something.” French speaks from a stage decorated as a hunting lodge while being served drinks by a woman in a skimpy maid’s outfit, of whom he asks, “Could you lean over a bit more?” Two weeks later WPP accepts French’s resignation.

The ghosts of BASIC past

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From Jerry:
“What goose did:

Once upon a time, there was a great sinus who lived in a large goose in the clouds.

I’d really like to hear the rest of that story.”

Pluto brings out silliness

The New Horizons mission finally launched, after many false starts and delays. And it brought out not only the great feeling of human achievement, but more importantly some goofiness in our instant messaging chatter:

(12:52:26) Chris: aw snap! they are delaying for clouds
(12:52:39) Chris: it’s a freaking rocket guys
(12:52:47) Chris: clouds are not a problem
(12:53:39) David: dammit
(12:53:49) David: oh no, we might hit an endangered bird species up there or something
(12:53:56) Chris: why does god hate pluto
(12:54:11) Chris: oh yeah…the whole “underworld” thing
(12:56:58) David: LOL

(Chris getting excited as we hear that the launch is actually happening for real this time:)

(13:53:25) Chris: ooh, they might be good to go at 2 PM
(13:53:30) Chris: GO! GO!
(13:53:56) Chris: GO on weather
(13:55:38) Chris: light that freakin candle
(13:56:14) Chris: man, i should have seen if i could have gone over to mission ops
(13:57:44) Chris: look out for teh birdz!!!!!11
(14:00:40) Chris: OH YEAH!
(14:03:37) Chris: sweeet

(the day after, i saw an article about
the spacecraft’s cargo containing the ashes of Pluto’s discoverer Clyde Tombaugh):

(11:17:22) David: i had no idea
(11:18:27) Jon: neither did I
(11:18:42) David: the plutonium is going to bring that dude back to life
(11:18:56) Jon: …as the Incredible Hulk
(11:19:05) David: HULK SMASH CHARON!!!!

Haven’t you wanted to do this?

(via PostSecret)

Before you leap…

From Michelle:

“At least San Francisco is trying to keep people from jumping!”

Here’s another view I found on Flickr:


…is now a dietary supplement??

Mesosilver is 0.9999 pure silver in colloidal form, a true silver colloid. All natural mineral supplement in the form of nanoparticle colloidal silver.”

Are they actually making money off this?? The link appeared in the Adsense advertisements above. Of course, I’m giving them some potentially free business by talking about them. What a scam!

1000 reasons to love Japan

Reason #625: Arnold Schwarzenegger explodes out of a woman’s head in a commercial.