Coke BarF

Have you ever sucked on a bar rag used to clean spilled Coke and coffee? No? Neither have I. But I think I came close to when I decided to try this stuff:



“Coca-Cola BlaK is Coke┬« Effervescence with Coffee Essence.”

Yeah. Best review I read said “BlaK” is the sound you make regurgitating this nasty drink!

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  1. That sounds like something I won’t bother to try… Thanks for being the test subject on this one! ­čÖé

    Marketing-wise, the bottle looks confused. There seems to be a bastardized Pepsi logo on the bottle, and the mark over the “a” in “Blak” indicates the long phonetic sound, so the pronounciation should be something like “Coke Blake”. Whee.

  2. Coke Blake! Kind of pseudo-manly sounding. WIth a hint of Brokeback Mountain. Let’s call it: Cokeback Mountain!


    Ah that joke never gets old. Well, OK, yes, it does.

  3. And you’re right about it looking like a Pepsi logo.

    pepsi logo

    Maybe it’s their plan to make people associate nasty-ass Coke Blak with Pepsi.

  4. It makes me wish we could still get good old-fashioned sodas made out of refined sugar instead of high-fructuse corn syrup. I’d sure buy soda made out of sugar instead of corn syrup if I had the chance, even if it was a bit more expensive.

    Heh heh, this is kind of like debating whether beer is better out of a paper or plastic cup…

  5. Turns out there is a variety of Dr. Pepper that is made without corn syrup:

    They sell them on their web site!

  6. I noticed that you can buy birch beer from the company at the Crush Orange link. For anybody who’s never had birch beer it tastes a lot like rootbeer. It’s been so long since I’ve had any that I can’t say exactly how it’s different.

    Since I’ve already completely hijacked this blog entry, I’ll tell a funny story. A number of years ago (15-18 probably), my father and I wandered into a Pizza Hut for lunch. At the time you could get birch beer by the pitcher at Pizza Hut, though they were beginning to phase it out of their menu. When the waitress came to take our drink orders, my father said that we wanted a pitcher of birch beer. The waitress said regretfully, “We only have Bud, Bud Lite, and Miller.”

  7. Hah! Nice.

    Do they even still have beer at Pizza Hut?

    I wish they had sangria at Taco Bell.

  8. It depends on your definition of ‘beer’…

    There’s too many local restaurants that have better pizza than Pizza Hut for less $$, so we don’t eat there very much anyway. (Usually when we do it’s a nostalgia-induced visit, after which we decide that our memories must suck.)

  9. you guys are all losers, coke blak is good

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