Baby Jesus has returned…

…as a pork product?

See for yourself!

The money quote:

The Baby must dry several weeks before it is ready to be sold.

I’m off to buy some Baby Jesus and Lil Chub.

(thanks to Galen for the discovery.)

p.s., why is there a Buddha on the banner for

p.p.s., there is a band called Jesus Sausage. because you needed to know that.

22 responses to “Baby Jesus has returned…

  1. That Buddha on the website MAKES NO SENSE.


  2. “The Buddha needs Jesus like a fish needs a bicycle”.

  3. The Budhha says, “Jesus is OK, it’s his posse I can’t stand”.

  4. Google “jésus saucisse” and you’ll find it’s not only a real sausage, it’s a really BIG sausage.

  5. Holy infant so tender and mild.

  6. Mmmmmmmm, sacrilicious

  7. if you record “baby jesus” and play it backwards, it’s “sausage-y babe”. yep.

  8. Apparently, Jesus has balls, too. And with nuts in “small bags”!!

    “Balls: Weight: 250 g Price: 6.2 €

    Dry sausage balls with nuts in small bags.”

  9. Stop eating the baby jesus! It’s people!!!

  10. Not as popular as the Holy Grail, but true seekers still greatly desire… The Holy Foreskin.

    Baby Jesus sausage + Holy Foreskin = Superpowers beyond your wildest dreams.

  11. “Soylent Jesus is made outta people!”

    (Well…uh…not really *people*, but The Holy Spirit made into flesh…but hey wait, if you can do communion, you should be able to do this too, right?)

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  13. There’s also a French wine, red, I think it’s a Burgundy, that’s known as the Baby Jesus.

  14. And, saltpeter is an ingredient. The Baby Jesus delivers you from your sinful libido.

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  20. To be eaten with the Virgin Mary toast?

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