WHAT did you call me???

My eighteen months of frustrating COBRA insurance coverage is coming to an end, and I recently received a letter explaining the expiration of my coverage. Their choice of salutation is interesting:

Did they just call me a penis?? Ah well. I’ve called them much worse things over these past eighteen months.

3 responses to “WHAT did you call me???

  1. hahahahaha…. way to tie it all together.

    BTW…It seems weird that you would need to be on that for 18 months?!?

  2. Oh, they are so sneaky 🙂 Possibly they scratch their forehead with their middle finger too, lol

  3. @ClintJCL:

    Yeah, it was actually easier and more economical for me to stay on COBRA. Still, it was not a great experience.


    They probably do. And then they laugh at me as they add my money to their giant heap of cash!

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