Iris turns three tomorrow, and I came across a “dictionary” of words we started to help translate some of her utterings when she was around two years old:

“shower” = “SHAW-woo”
“flower” = “FLAW-woo”
“blueberry” = “BOO-bay-bay”
“spider” = “sphh-EYE-doo”
“swing” = “sphwing”
“i’m stuck” = “i suck”, or “suck this” (stuck this)
“finger” = “fucka” (funny to hear her say that after one of us tickles her)
“elephant” = “opposite” or “off-o-zit” (no idea why)
“mine” = “mine”, “mines”, or “MY-comb” (we still haven’t figured this one out)
“coos” = “blue’s clues”
“tip” = “trip”
“strawberries” = “stawberries”
“coffee” = “coffeez”
“underwear” = “underpoos”
“diaper change” = “diapoo chain”
“biscuit” = “biksit”
“look!” = “luke!”
“hungry” = “hong-ree”
“elephant”, “opposite” = “off-is-it”

There are probably more that we forgot to write down. She changes so quickly that a lot of these little observations get lost in time. It is amazing how quickly she’s gone from her one-word sentences to more elaborate communication.

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  1. You wont normally see me discussing babies, but….. I had a few of my own, more likely when I was 3, not 2, cause I didn’t talk when I was 2. (Went from not talking/not toilet trained, to reading & talking in about 18 months or so.) Anyway:

    “Clint” = “nit”
    “turn the tv on” = “coin bee on”
    “turn the tv off” = “coin bee off”
    “Marcia”, “Monster”, “Drawer” = “dee-dah” ( no clue why on this one! )

    That’s all I remember, and only cause my Mom told me about these.

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