You coppers can’t keep me locked up forever, see? Myeah! Myeah!

Our friends Jon and Kate tried to take their son Iain to the Mill Mountain zoo yesterday, but were asked to leave the mountain because this happened:

A Japanese monkey aptly named Oops bolted from the Roanoke city zoo, sparking a park-wide shutdown as staff searched the surrounding forest where they could hear her in the trees.

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  1. We made it to the zoo yesterday, and while taking cover from the heat in the air-conditioned gift shop, we talked to the zoo director for a little bit. He said that another zoo’s escaped monkey had wound up 137 miles away from where it had started! Also, they can be expected to make about 3 miles per day, and there’s plenty of food to forage on in the area. Right now the folks at the zoo are worried about the monkey and hope that she’s in good health.

    This has been all over the local news around here. We saw two news crews in just a couple of hours.

  2. Poor monkey – they still haven’t found her yet. News from yesterday:

    The Japanese snow monkey from Mill Mountain Zoo has now been missing for five days.

    Zoo keepers have no idea where she is but are hopeful the animal is still nearby.

    The zoo plans to release exactly how Oops escaped on Thursday. There are no plans at this point to cut back the search for Oops.

    Although the zoo was closed during the first two days of the search, it has now since re-opened.

    Another story here.

    “She has to be careful of predators that might be roaming in the woods,” she said.

    Yeah, and good ol’ boys with high-powered rifles. On the lookout for a trophy macaque.

  3. I guess the sweet, sweet taste of freedom didn’t last!

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