New cipher-solving program available

Brax Cisco, Wesley Hopper, and Michael Eaton have just beta-released their wonderful “Zodiac Decrypto” program, a fun piece of software designed to attack the Zodiac ciphers as well as other substitution ciphers. It uses letter-level n-gram frequency analysis (no, not Engram analysis!) to estimate the validity of solutions generated by the software’s hillclimbing process. The software runs in Windows.

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Give it a shot!


Project Page

5 responses to “New cipher-solving program available

  1. Need a Mac version!!

  2. This program is okay, but doesn’t beat the ease of the WebToy on this site, nor does it have an easy way of just typing in possible code solutions.

  3. Bad zip for me (win xp home sp2)

  4. How do you use it?

  5. Josh, for info on how to use the zkdecrypto program, look in the “help” directory after you unzip the zip file. Open the index.html there.

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