Scammer ephemera

The white noise of the internet comes and goes. Here is a recent example:

Round One:

On Jan 19, 2008, at 1:59 PM, wrote:

I want to propose you a deal, if you let me use your ebay account i
will give you 5000$ a month.
You will only have to let me post some auctions on it and you will
get this money.
eBay will believe that someone broke into your account, they don’t
have to know that you gave it to me.
They will think i stoled it. Please reply if you are interested. I
repeat, nobody will ever know you gave it to me.
Thank you.

At this point I’m thinking maybe I can waste this scammer’s time with some bait.

Round Two:

Thanks! This sounds interesting. Where does the $5000 come from?
How do you make that much money to give me?

Thanks; I’m very excited about this.

Round Three:

my name is James Kastoria, i am in london, UK.
I will list laptops, cameras, sewing machines…
ebay will charge you for this listings.
but they will cancel them and refund your money immediatly.
they will suspend your account then, and you need to make it work again.
that is simple just change your passowrd, and give it to me so i can list again…
you need to work like 10 mintues a day and you get $5000 a month.

Round Four:

Very interesting; is there somebody who has worked with you before that can tell me how well it worked for them? if so, i will consider giving you my login.

Round Five:

Date: January 28, 2008 2:34:01 PM EST
Subject: Mail System Error – Returned Mail

Reason: 5.1.1 No such user

Damn! It was just starting to get interesting. And I was just about to give him some bogus eBay account info.

Semi-related note: Chris reports an actual spam email he received that had the following subject: Lesbians and their lovely sheeps.

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