Zodiac copycat

Speaking of Zodiac cipher news, Chris tipped me to this recent Florida news story:

A student at Rutherford High School was arrested Wednesday on a felony charge of making death threats against teachers and other students.

Freshman Dakota Gates, 14, is alleged to have written a coded note with detailed plans for an attack on the school. However, investigators have not yet turned up any weapons or other evidence the teen actually intended to carry out the threats, according to Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

The article includes a photo of the coded letter.

Snippet of cryptogram; click to embiggen.

The cryptogram was solved by authorities, but I could not find any mention of the solution in news sources. But Fark, ever the defender of justice and freedom for all, has become a source for the cryptogram’s solution. Look for postings by user “Mayhem of the Black Underclass” in this comment thread on the story. The interesting thing is that the news article claims that in the decoded crytogram, there are “detailed plans of an attack” on the school. But Mayhem’s solution reveals no such plans.

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