The defense of acronyms

Back in 1999 when I started at BKA, I began to experience how people in the federal government speak.  It is pretty well known how acronym-heavy the Department of Defense is.

If there is such a thing as an acronym email filter that works like a spam filter, it would have choked on an email I received in November 1999.  Further, the email was even more disturbing because it was describing a **3-day** block of meetings!!  The horror!

Here is a sampling of some of the more disturbing sentences:

“ACIIPS PM in coordination with ASAFM&C must determine how and when the Logistical Management Transfer (AWCF to DWCF) of inventory will be handled and inform SSF PM.  S: prior to 15 Nov 99 for Fort Leonard Wood. ACIIPS PM must monitor program milestone (and inform SSF PM) to
ensure they are out of the SSF demonstration site (Fort Sill) prior to 1 March 00 and all Army CIIP inventory is owned by DLA by 1 October 00.”

Had enough?  No???

“DLA in coordination with ACIIPS PM and DFAS must determine how to pass on the obligation transaction with the APC coming out of ACIIPS through QLM to STANFINS.”

And people wonder why important information isn’t shared between departments!!

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