Schmeetime stories

Part of our nightly rituals, no different from all other parents, is to read to Iris before she goes to bed. During these readings, Iris seems to concentrate on the books, swimming in the images and words. She even helps to turn the pages (with some effort on our part to keep her from eating or otherwise destroying the book, however).

When we read Good Night Moon to her, Iris consistently points to the kittens while raising the pitch of her voice as if to mimic their sound. And we play the usual games of trying to get her to point to specific things (“where’s the red ball? where’s the kittens? where’s the house?” etc.)

When we read the Dr. Seuss Book “There’s A Wocket In My Pocket”, Iris always points at the Nooth Grush. For some reason she really digs that Nooth Grush. Maybe it is because of that big bullseye on its belly:

Other things Iris has done recently:

– Today, she started to say “uh oh” a lot.
– For a few days, she would give Kathryn and I “zerberts” (putting her mouth on our arm and blowing, making a raspberry noise)
– Walking a *lot* — she has kind of a stiff-legged walk that is very cute.
– Climbing up a flight of stairs on her hands and knees (with Kathryn behind her to protect her from falling)
– Fussing a lot if we take certain things from her (for example, she’ll play with Kathryn’s car keys; then we’ll take them away from Iris and she starts wailing).
– Improved her dancing ability by adding head-bobbing and squats
– Called 911 (!!!). On Friday, Iris got a hold of our home phone and called 911 (more accurately, she dialed “91100999911111” or similar). Thankfully, Kathryn was able to tell the Roanoke County rescue services that we did not in fact need a emergency team dispatched to us (yet) despite Iris’ plans.

She’s come a long way from those days of being a milk-addicted lump!

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