XSLT is a language for transforming XML. I came to hate XSLT long ago, at the tail end of a fading honeymoon period in which I dwelt in the empty promises of XML.

Somebody came up with a way to plot the Mandelbrot Set using only an XML file combined with a particularly evil XSLT file. This is a disturbing, evil way to go about drawing fractals. Please don’t do this.

It really works. Click here to try it. Your browser will thank you for the pointless exercise.

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7 responses to “WTFractal?!?

  1. Neat .. Pointless, but neat 🙂

  2. This is like that SQL fractal you posted before. It’s a neat example.

    XSLT is pretty ideal for presentation-layer stuff as a means of decoupling from the business-layer and implementing a true MVC pattern. I feel a little guilty for not implementing it where I work, but then our coders would have to learn PHP, XML, SQL, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX nuances of JS, CSS, and whatever other layer somebody comes up with to throw on our InterWebs. : )

  3. It’s hard to keep up with all the web tech. I’ve been doing Java for so long and Java is so widespread that it’s starting to feel like legacy COBOL.

    “Hey Java old-timer; are you hip enough for Ruby?”

  4. That’s what’s so rough about web technologies, it’s perpetually changing. Java’s a good, solid technology though. I’m looking forward to working with it when I eventually go into teaching.

  5. Very cool! What level of students do you plan on teaching?

  6. I’m looking to teach High School. I think the kids there are primed for programming; although, Middle School is another early stage to catch them.

  7. Good. Somebody needs to warn them to stay away from the evils of programming. 😉

    Just kidding – I think more kids need to learn programming! And you are a very brave man to take on a high school or middle school class.

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