Game Day at Luna City Arcade

The multi-talented programmer, vintage arcade enthusiast, artist, and iPhone game developer Peter Hirschberg created a one-of-a-kind private vintage arcade collection that he periodically opens to the public. His Luna City Arcade is an acclaimed collection of still-functioning vintage arcade games from the 1970s and 1980s that he keeps and maintains in a 2400 square foot building next to his house.

Luna City Arcade. Image by Peter Hirschberg.

This past Saturday, Iris and I hopped in the car and drove up to Luna City Arcade. We met up with the McCubbins and enjoyed a day of beeping and chippy nostalgia.

(youtube link)

Peter and his wife were gracious hosts and we had a great time. Check out Peter’s newest iPhone game, Vector Tanks, a throwback to the days of Battlezone, and Adventure Revisited, his clone of the classic Atari game Adventure for Windows and Mac. And take a look at his software portfolio for an interesting collection of simulators, emulators, and novelties that he’s created.

8 responses to “Game Day at Luna City Arcade

  1. “Do an ollie.”
    ^ You slipped a non-video-game in there! Sneaky!

  2. Thanks for the link to Adventure Revisited. I totally forgot how awful the victory “song” was at the end.

  3. It sounds like some kind of digestive process.

    “OH BOY, I WON!” *digestion noises*

    I should use it as a ring tone…

  4. @ClintJCL

    No way; it’s just practicing in meatspace for 🙂

  5. How cool! I was recently offered a free Battlezone arcade game. It was the first to use vector graphics. It wasn’t working, but could have been restored. I just knew I’d end up letting that 300 pound cabinet sit in my house for a year before trying to give it to someone else.

    I’d love to buy an old pinball machine one day.

  6. @Dave – nice save 🙂

    @Ryan: Just get a mame cabinet. Or better yet.. Just play mame on your hdtv. my 52-inch screen wouldn’t fit in any mame cabinet 🙂

    of course, controllers are nice..

  7. At Luna City Arcarde, I kept thinking that Peter would have gotten a very high floor space compression ratio if he had just installed a handful of MAME cabinets. 🙂

    It just wouldn’t be the same though. One of the cool things about his arcade is he often buys toys and collectibles and puts them on top of their corresponding cabinets. For example, he had a moon patrol buggy toy on top of the Moon Patrol cabinet.

  8. That was the think about the Battlezone cabinet. It had a periscope to look through and you drove it with the handles to either side, which had buttons for firing.

    I do like the mame cabinet idea though. There are places that sell the controllers too. : )

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