Zodiac cipher solver program updated

A new version of zkdecrypto is available for all you cipher enthusiasts. The zkdecrypto team has been very busy adding new features and fixing bugs.

* Program is now both smaller and MUCH faster
* Ability to now open both ASCII and numeric ciphers
* Ability to now save the loaded cipher
* Exclusions and locked letters are now saved in the “key” file
* New Redo function in addition to Undo
* New pattern analysis and sequential analysis reports
* 1-click ability to add full alphabet to “Additional Key Letters”
* New “Word List” feature that lists words found in the plaintext

…and more.

Click here for more information and download links.

2 responses to “Zodiac cipher solver program updated

  1. speaking of the zodiac killers 340 symbol cipher on U Tube someone with a user name of jlw4503 posted a interesting solution to the cipher although from my calculations there arent enough symbols it is under “His Name Was Arthur Lee Allen part 2”
    I have written a book about men that are trying to kill me that I know are the Zodiac killers

  2. To who ever is out there…

    This is a way MAYBE to to crack the code!!!!!

    1st way is to crack 4 lines in the center of the code…

    I found 4 lines combined have 37 symbols and ONLY 68 letters to solve… Then the rest may fall into place

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