The lolbots are coming

From the collective superintelligence of the Internet masses came the lolcat phenomenon, a sign to future anthropologists of the advancement of our species.

Lolcat specimen, circa 2007.

The popularity of lolcats has led to many other similar phenomena, such as the lolrus, lolhamster, loldog, lolcode, even lolthulhu.

And now, even our local grocery store is getting in on the game and expanding the loltaxonomy:


And did you see the cashier name?

Clearly, the LOL phenomenon is a sign that the robot invasion is coming soon.

4 responses to “The lolbots are coming

  1. Or maybe someone just bought some Land o’ Lakes butter? 🙂

  2. Man, that company is getting a lot of free marketing with this whole LOL thing!

  3. That’s awesome! You should submit to LOLBots!

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