Zodiac webtoy: flip & rotate

Another quick update to the Zodiac webtoy: now there are links to flip and rotate the ciphertext. This was a popular feature request that I finally got around to implementing. Enjoy!

(Zodiac webtoy)

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  1. I have a request for a change to the Zodiac webtoy. I’m finding it difficult to work on it for any length of time due to the eye-fatiguing high contrast. Can you make the characters gray like the sub-note referring to the “Technical Caveat” and change the letter a person types in from green to black? This way the cipher is light gray until you type a letter and that letter is full black. This would make it much easier to visualize emerging word patterns. Great tool and very interesting!


  2. 1)ditto on the color change (at least so the ‘solved’ letters stand out over the coded)

    2)PLZ PLZ.. ability (?right click?) to lock letters (or words) before next randomize. Will facilitate building up of decryptions.

    3)(maybe) selectable diagonal reads (btw awesome ap ty!)

  3. I have found that changing the colors to also be found intereting. The diagnal idea was great too. I wish that some more help could be taken in place for a rotate middle out. I’ve found something interesting but having trouble doing this by myself on paper. Also, z-killer wants the cowboys to win. He believes that since the last the cowboys actually won has cost him alot of money. An IOU is what he’s calling it. If what I’m reading is correct there are some unexplained things happenning to cowboys team. IOU also means he’s lost a lot of money over the years. Presuming z-killer want be found, he wants payback. Also, assuming in his lifetime he would going living until this happens. 10 seems to be another number intended to use to have a reason to kill again. Assuming he’s not dead I’m afraid there will be another letter or card. This year is 2010! Higher expectations for the cowboys. Some I couldn’t or almost understand. Something about slaves, knowing they ran. Z-killer finds this funny. Maybe for some cruel game in his sick little head. I’ve also find that some of the words are upside down, diagonal, and wraparound. There’s more. Later for now. Hope this helps! Question? How many times has the cowboys won superbowl? And how many since 1963 or 1969?

  4. Something else I thought of. It would also be easier if some we can also be able to choose to lowercase letters in cypher-code.

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