Fun with Haiku

I felt I had to preserve these work-related haiku.  They are mostly inside jokes regarding a fellow employee who was not well-liked.

Author: Josh

 beautiful deadly
 destruction of position
 i wait for the axe

 I want to kill Tim,
 Roast his flesh in large flames, but
 My dogs won’t eat him.

 i’ve reached inner chi
 by not fucking killing you
 at least not today

i meditate on
opening can of whoop ass
making me happy

Author: Jon

 we listen and talk
 our responses are ignored
 better luck next time

 The one who is Tim
 Makes no lasting impression
 save: “Are you there?””

 why try what is hard
 when surrounded by others
 simply stay fuzzy

And on other subject, Jon recently came up with some haiku tributes to our glorious systems administrator (Josh):

 I break the system
 the users cry in horror
 you are all fuckers

 the system is down
 life breathes into the server
 the system is up

 our admin is great
 he delivers new function
 we should all hug him

my user id
it would be very useful
too many haiku

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