Flatus apparatus

I’ve been trying very hard to avoid regurgitating content from other blogs but I couldn’t help myself in this case: a post on boingboing about a fart-powered missile launcher:

To operate the assembly, the player who may be fully clothed places the inlet of the tube with its valve open adjacent his anal region from which a colonic gas is discharged. The piston is then withdrawn to a degree producing a negative pressure to inhale the gas into the combustion chamber to intermix with the air therein to create a combustible mixture. The ignitor is then activated to explode the gas in the chamber and fire the missile into space.

So since I have no real direction in life, I thought I’d contribute to their post by extracting the original patent’s images from the US Patent Office’s website, whose document image system is very cumbersome to deal with. Highlights:



It must be fun to work at the patent office sometimes.

Here are the full page extracts of the original patent:

Cover | Pages 1 and 2 | Pages 3 and 4 | Pages 5 and 6

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