Perks of the office

My jury duty adventure is going to begin soon. I was recently summoned, and I am supposed to report to the Roanoke County courthouse next Monday. They sent me a little questionaire to fill out, and they include a list of types of people that are automatically exempt from jury duty so you can be sure you aren’t wasting your time. The highlighted item made me laugh out loud:


What made me laugh was the combination of several bizarre ideas: 1) The idea of the President or Vice President actually sitting down and filling this form out; 2) The idea that someone would mail either of them this form in the first place; 3) The idea that the space taken on the form for this option is only relevant to two out of so many millions of potential jury pool members that the form is mailed to.

Though I seriously wonder if our current president would be sharp enough to realize he is exempt for jury duty.

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