There is no Koopa.

Want to make $500?

All you have to do is make Mario come to life with an artificially intelligent computer program. And he has to survive as many randomly-generated game levels as possible from the Infinite Mario Bros project.

Piece of cake!

A contest entry. From the entrant: “Here’s my attempt at an AI for the Mario AI Competition. You can see the path it plans to go as a red line, which updates when it detects new obstacles at the right screen border. It uses only information visible on screen. I’ve included a slow-motion part in the middle where it gets hairy for Mario. :-)”

Here is the same intelligent agent playing a longer level.

These agents will be unstoppable once they replicate in the Matrix.

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  1. The item before this item in my google reader was a tweet:

    “Greg Z: It’s called residual self-image. It’s what the writers came up with so we wouldn’t appear naked in this scene, Neo.”

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