TGAW’s series of posts of “Season Compares” inspired me to code up another creation, the Swapper, to add to my ever-expanding collection of web toys of questionable value.

Example swappification. Click to open if it isn’t animating for you.

Its purpose is to let you specify two images. The Swapper will load your two images and display the first one for you. When you move your mouse cursor over the first image, the second image will appear. When you move your mouse cursor away from the second image, the first image will appear. This gives you a way to quickly flip between two images to compare them. Give it a try! There are some sample images there to get you started.

4 responses to “Swappify

  1. I was expecting your “bush” one to be a monkey in the swapped image, tee-hee.

  2. Hahah I like your non season compare examples. Thanks again for taking the initiative with the Swappify tool.

  3. @ClintJCL – LOL, I should have done that! And there is plenty of good source material: http://oranchak.com/Bush_Monkey.jpg

    @Vicky – My pleasure. I had fun making it.

    I really wish I had more free time to build it out more. It’d be cool to make it more community-oriented where people can add pre-made swaps to the site and vote on their favorites. It’d be fun to make it support more than two images. For example, I could render several icons that, when you mouse over them, cause the images to flip through.

  4. This is a nifty tool. I’m having fun moving the photo a few pixels over and making it flicker on and off rapidly. : )

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