links for 2008-10-24

My auto-posting doodad no longer works. Automation has failed me. *Cry*.

So, here are some hand-cranked, slow-cooked links for today.

X-rays detected from Scotch tape. Incredible. Maybe somebody will exploit this to take a peek inside of Christmas presents.

How the Weird Mars Science Laboratory Floating Sky Crane Works. Very cool video showing the landing procedure of an upcoming Mars mission. GET YOUR ASS TO MARS!

ALIPR – Automatic Photo Tagging and Visual Image Search. Free photo auto-tagging service. I had very mixed results on the few tests I attempted.

Cockroach inspired robot from CWRU’s biorobotics lab. More roachbots are coming. And your sprays will not help you.

Housing prices infographic.

The bursting housing bubble is painfully clear in this graph. I’ve heard some projections that the retraction in housing prices won’t bottom out until 2011.

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