The presidential debate was full of words, part 2

I’m a little late in following up my previous post, but I was curious how last week’s debate Wordle looked like broken down by each candidate.




I wish Wordle had a B.S. detection option. But such a thing would be overworked during election season…

“We’re sorry, this application is not available at the moment due to high levels of bullshit.”

6 thoughts on “The presidential debate was full of words, part 2”

  1. These are neat; i plugged my blog into wordle for fun.

    Anyway – it might be slightly more informative if the main words ‘senator’, ‘mccain’, and ‘obama’ were actually removed, to see what their most-used *significant* words were..

  2. lol….

    either that, or Wordle has conservative bias! Tin foil hat ON!

    Thanks, tho… That is neat.

    I like how McCain’s, roughly in order, is “United States know spending present want got people Iraq”.

    Obama’s could be, “Going make think now. Just got Afghanistan right. Know John?”

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