links for 2008-09-19

  • Stanford is offering free computer science courses, such as introductory programming, robotics, machine language processing, machine learning, linear dynamical systems, fourier transform, and convex optimization. Includes all course materials!
  • "I was already in this mental cone of silence when the doctor lifted up the covers of my eyeball flaps using what looked like metal chopsticks, mixing around a stir fry while I watched, first-person perspective, from within the wok."
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2 responses to “links for 2008-09-19

  1. Ugh, that LASIK sounds worse than Carolyn described it, hehe. Mainly, sounds like they should have waited a few seconds for the numbing drops to take effect.

  2. Some of the stuff in the Stanford NLP course materials is quite interesting from a cryptography point of view. I won’t be doing the whole course, but thanks for the link!

    “I’m afraid I like it, Dave.”

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