GECCO @ Hotlanta

I’ve finally finished my crazy Zodiac cipher poster for GECCO 2008 in Atlanta next week:

Click image for biggie size, or get the PDF version. And here’s the 2-page paper if you want it.

Last year, I used PowerPoint (gasp) to create the poster. What a huge pain that was. This year, I used OmniGraffle, by far the best damned diagramming software I have ever used.

It should be a fun conference; I’m excited to hear about the results of all the competitions. Chris and I entered the “2D Packing Problem” contest; alas, our entry did not win. Still, we had a lot of fun trying out different ideas – it was a very fun problem to work on. The other contests should be fun to hear about, especially the Rubik’s Cube Solver contest. Entrants in this contest get to use a commercial grid computing platform to breed Rubik’s Cube solving algorithms.

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  2. Omnigraffle is very cool.

    Back in the good ol’ days in grad school with my NeXT I had Omnigraffle’s conceptual predecessor, Diagram! (Omnigraffle may even be a real code descendent, but I think not.) Anyway Diagram! was way ahead of it’s time then and I think Omnigraffle still is. I have tried the some of the other apps from Omnigroup and find them of a similar caliber.

    That brings me to another point. Anybody want to buy a working NeXT cube, printer, etc.?

  3. I saw some functional NeXT workstations going for $500 on ebay, but I didn’t see any NeXT cubes. You should auction yours!

    I see some NeXTCubes for sale here:

    Looks like you could get a lot of money for your system.

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