Lady Luck, please let the dice stay hot

Our Vegas trip went well and is best summarized by this video:

Vegas trip video. The panhandler’s sign at the beginning is hard to read; it says: “Why lie? I need a beer.”

(youtube link)

A larger high-quality version in M4V (MP4) format is here: (it’s about 280M).

The trip was a blast; it was fun exploring the casinos, sampling the fine dining, enjoying the luxurious spa and massages at our resort, trying out the nightclubs, visiting Hoover Dam, hiking Red Rock Canyon, riding the rides, and seeing the shows (Blue Man Group and Spamalot). One of our favorite moments on the trip was posing with one of the dudes from Blue Man Group (see about 5min 44sec into the video). AWESOME show.

But don’t ever go to Vegas if you are trying to save money. Yikes!

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