Update on the triops invasion

Their horrific cannibalism continued; now only four big triops remain out of the three dozen or so that hatched almost two weeks ago. How’s that for a survival tactic? I’ve been reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy; the novel describes apocalypse survivors who resort to cannibalism due to a severe lack of food. Hopefully we will never have to experience such gruesome necessity employed by the resourceful little triops.

Video of them on days 5 and 12: (cannibalism at 0:38!)

(youtube link)


day 6

Triops, day 6Triops, day 6

day 10

Triops, day 10Triops, day 10

day 12

Triops, day 12Triops, day 12Triops, day 12

day 13

Triops, day 13Triops, day 13Triops, day 13Triops, day 13Triops, day 13

10 responses to “Update on the triops invasion

  1. Ted Turner says global warming will make us cannibals…

  2. Today’s They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast features triops.

    Not to sound like an ad, but here’s a link:


    which I think requires iTunes.

  3. Thanks, knarF! That looks like a great video podcast for us to watch with Iris.

  4. I RSS-subscribe to the TMBG podcast and can listen to it within google reader as well as download the mp3 without itunes.

  5. They seem to become more fishlike and less trilobitish as they get older.

    Or perhaps as they raise power levels from eating their siblings.

  6. Now they are showing signs of being sickly. Their eggs can survive harsh, dried conditions for eons, but the creatures themselves seem to succumb easily to any imperfection in water conditions. A few days ago we added some little bits of shrimp to feed them, just like the instructions suggest, but this soon made the triops sickly. I transferred them to untainted water and they recovered.

    They did well for a few days and now we’re down to two triops; one is on its back, doing little more than occasionally twitching. The other is very active but swimming upside down. How did this species stay alive since the time of dinosaurs??

  7. …and now they have all shuffled off this mortal coil. The last of the triops has flipped over and yielded to its fate.

    Poor Iris; she was very sad at the news. But she’s excited about getting more triops eggs. And she started talking about ant habitats. We might get one of these: http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/giftsforkids/6fd6/

  8. I like that you didn’t put the gravel in the tank. I bet that goes a long way to keeping the tank clean, and the gravel was pretty superfuloussuperfolussuprephelous— unneccessary anyways.

    You’re pictures and video are fantastic too.

  9. Thanks, Ryan. I’m still debating whether or not to have another go at it with a new batch of eggs. Or maybe get that mantis habitat mentioned on your blog. 🙂

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