Puzzle hell

When the company was asked by Josh for potential interview questions for the Junior Systems Admin position, Sean replied with these evil puzzles:

Question 1:

There are two candles that can light for exactly 60 minutes. You can
light the candles from either end, but each candle is not evenly made so
you can't mark or cut the candle into half. How do you measure 45
minutes by using these candles?

Question 2:

A room with three bulbs and each is controlled by a switch, where all
switches are outside the room. The room has no windows but one door. You
are told that only one bulb is working. How do you find out which switch
is connect to the working bulb? You are allowed to go inside the room
only once, and you can't touch the switches after the door is opened.

Thankfully they didn’t end up as interview question for the poor bastard who was hired, but I thought they were good puzzles regardless.

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