Echoes of obscure 1980s software culture

When I was a kid in the 80s poking around on my ol’ Apple //c, I loved the Beagle Bros, a company that made great software and had a very unique style. Their combination of vintage wordcut artwork with hobbyist programming was great fun (here is a great example).

The Beagle Bros company logo depicted the founders as stylized 19th century figures:

Beagle Bros company logo. Zounds! Dapper lads at the pinch of their game!

My memory of the Beagle Bros was stirred recently when I came across this logo:

Candy Bouquet company logo. Blatant ripoff or re-use of generic logo template?

Is this company stealing from the iconography of the long-dormant Beagle Bros software empire? Or is this type of logo very common, and I’m just crazy? Wait, don’t answer that.

(by the way, check out the Beagle Bros online museum)

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