Echoes of obscure 1980s software culture

When I was a kid in the 80s poking around on my ol’ Apple //c, I loved the Beagle Bros, a company that made great software and had a very unique style. Their combination of vintage wordcut artwork with hobbyist programming was great fun (here is a great example).

The Beagle Bros company logo depicted the founders as stylized 19th century figures:

Beagle Bros company logo. Zounds! Dapper lads at the pinch of their game!

My memory of the Beagle Bros was stirred recently when I came across this logo:

Candy Bouquet company logo. Blatant ripoff or re-use of generic logo template?

Is this company stealing from the iconography of the long-dormant Beagle Bros software empire? Or is this type of logo very common, and I’m just crazy? Wait, don’t answer that.

(by the way, check out the Beagle Bros online museum)

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  1. Man, I forget what kindred spirits we are sometimes.

    The logo just doesn’t look right in color, hahahaha! 🙂

    I remember those all-too-well, from the days of Byte (and Nibble?) magazine(s).

    Did they not sometimes feature them with comic book speech-bubbles over their heads, and the bubbles had BASIC code in them? This was around the days that they had “oneliners” (and twoliners) a lot, the one-line programs, usually on the last page of Byte/Nibble mag.

    I remember excitedly going through the advertisements, because the code in their comic-book-speech-bubbles were like “bonus oneliners”.

    Ring a bell?

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  3. In their legacy page, someone said they BB ripped their logo off from a coughdrop company. But that might have not been talking about the same BB logo…

  4. Ahhh, Nibble magazine… I still have a box full of them in storage. I loved the one- and two-liners, as well as the little Beagle Bros easter egg programs you mention.

    Maybe I should try to find some old Beagle Bros ads from the old Nibble magazines.

    It’s a lot different now for kids; they can just download the fun now. No tedious typing required. I’m curious how kids today are getting interested in programming. My own interest had come primarily from those many hours typing those programs in by hand and seeing the amazing results.

    That’s interesting about the coughdrop company.

  5. I wonder if they ripped off The Smith Brothers!

    JibJab’s logo is similarly themed:

  6. Hell, they probably ALL ripped EACH OTHER off!!! 🙂

  7. I found another one!

    Col. Ichabod Conk Shaving Soap

    You’d think it was the same guy!

  8. 19th century dude gets around!!

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