Count the Start buttons

Another evil incarnation of “turduckenology” arose yesterday at work. From my virtual Windows XP instance running inside Parallels Desktop on my Mac, I needed to make a remote desktop connection to my Windows XP desktop, which is running a Virtual PC 2007 instance of a virtual machine that itself had a remote desktop connection over a VPN to a client machine on their network:

That’s me diving through the rabbit hole of *four* instances of Windows via my Mac, so I can install our software on a client’s machine. The horror!

What really bends my noodle during this is figuring out how to copy and paste all the way up and down the chain of Windows instances. And it’s really easy to lose track of which Windows XP you are in when you are clicking around – it’s easy to run the wrong program in the wrong place!

These are the kinds of memories that will preoccupy my demented dreams when I am an old man in a nursing home.

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