Zodiac web toy updated

Many thanks to Jeff Hudson for emailing me about some errors that I had in the Zodiac cipher web toy. I’ve made the corrections, and I’ve also posted a few more interesting decodings that I found recently. These decodings are almost certainly gibberish, but they are still kind of fun to find.

Jeff says:

I’ve only just started trying to decode the 340, but the other day i found “crush them into ground up bits” in a single string of characters. I naturally got really excited as this phrase emerged – but unfortunately everything else in the code was complete gibberish 🙁 so i guess it’s back to the drawing board lol.

Click here for the updated Zodiac cipher web toy.

One response to “Zodiac web toy updated

  1. you are on the right track. 6 years ago i found more than you have now count on the jack the ripper connection. do you also see the name beman reversed on the upper middle area another less known suspect jack beman anyway zodiacs name is jack but not beman or terrance. hes still alive and has put some distance to his past deeds by reinventing himself. he is involved in noncoventional religeon.is extremly tallented. well beyond the radar of the investigation. he sees the killings as a form of artistic expession creating a mystery to equal jack the rippers

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