Zodiac web toy

Get our your decoder rings and try out my Zodiac cipher web toy. Crack the code; become instantly famous!

Click the scribblings to try to outsmart the killer.

This cipher is one of the famous unsolved ciphers that the Zodiac serial killer sent to newspapers back in the late 1960s / early 1970s to taunt people about his killings. His first cipher was solved a long time ago. But he sent another cipher, which remains unsolved to this day. Many cryptography experts have tried and failed, which has led to speculation that the cipher is a hoax sent to frustrate and delay detectives working the case. But there are claims that by using statistical analysis, you can tell that the cipher does indeed contain a message (I don’t recall exactly how).

Go break the code!

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  1. Ok, I just watched the new movie “The Zodiac” which left me wondering what all of his ciphers’ meant. They most likely have something to do with the people that he killed. I think that in each cipher he concludes how hard or how easy and what it really felt like to him. In the first solved cipher, he exactly states that man is the easiest game of all. Then he tells you what it was like or what it was better than. The question is not who is the Zodiac. The question is what is the Zodiac…..?

  2. I found some possible Zodiac cryptography.
    Check it out:

  3. Interesting link, Zoa; thanks! Do you have any background information on that stuff?

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