Unintentionally morbid 3-year-olds

Kathryn flew to San Diego to visit a friend for a few days, and while she was gone, I rented United 93, the movie about the hijacked 9/11 flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. Over the weekend, Iris pointed to the picture of the airplane on the DVD disc and, recognizing an airplane, innocently asked me “Is that the airplane Mommy is on”? The disturbing juxtaposition surprised me. I laughed, and said, “I hope not!!”

After mentioning this to Chris, he told me about a similar incident:

This morning Eris is in the car on the way to school and she’s like “first I was 1 years old, then 2 years old, then 3 years old, and then I’m gonna die”

I think Eris left out a few steps in her description there.

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