Interesting searches’s web logs have interesting info on what search terms people are using in Google and other search engines to get to my site. Last month somebody browsed to my site by searching for this text:

what does a smudge on a window on a skyscrapper mean

Makes me wonder what was going through this person’s mind as he stared at the window smudge with a puzzled look on his face. “Is it a sign? Is somebody trying to contact me? Perhaps it is a message from the FUTURE!”

There are also a surprising number of searches for “sea monster”. I did not know my site was a reference point for such things. And for some reason I get a lot of searches for “i want to be a hulkamaniac”. That phrase very dependably continues to appear in the logs.

Other noteworthy search phrases:

not the smartest peanut in the turd

i get red splotches on my chest and back after showers

But Clint by far wins the award for the most bizarre search phrase used to get to a personal blog.

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