Robot poet

The development team I am a part of is scattered across the country. We chat in an IRC channel to keep in touch about our progress, questions, issues, schedules, and whatever else comes to mind. In the IRC channel there is an IRC bot named inky that is used to store occasionally useful snippets of information, such as phone numbers, development server logins, and so forth. But one of its fun features it that it is able to generate random haikus based on phrases that are taught to it by participants in the IRC channel. Here are some highlights:

pelvis and booty
it’s a crazy chicken world
you boinked the undead

what a flippin tool.
I had a bunch of those too
really bites my crank

hey, that fragment sucked
goddamn bill gates and excel
in death’s dream kingdom

she wore blue velvet
never pet a burning dog
rhinoceros? where?

sounds deafen the ear
i’m just thorns without the rose
my skin holds me in

Ah, how it reminds me the good ol’ days when I worked on GOOSE with Jerry.

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