Apprently hell froze over and McDonald’s started giving out exercise videos to their customers. I ordered my greasy breakfast this morning in the drive through and got handed this DVD:


Take a careful look at “Maya”, the personal trainer. She’s a 3D computer image; not even a real person! Which makes the following screenshot even more ridiculous:


The image is vaguely South Park-esque (you know, the episode with Cartman and the alien probe).

Can you believe they are bundling these videos (there are four in all) with so-called “Adult Happy Meals”?


Gah! Water and salad will never give me the same level of happiness as the 50,000 calorie McGriddle stomach-paver!

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  1. In a semi-related note, I’m still Mad As Hell that Arby’s no longer serves their “potato cakes” (hash browns, 2 for $1). It was our cheapest meal in our Vegas honeymoon, clocking in at $2 compared to all other meals which were at least $10/person.

  2. They should tell you how many reps you need to do in order to exercise away the calories from their food! That would probably be too discouraging.

    Maybe I’m getting old, but the idea of going to McDonalds for a salad and water makes me laugh. It’s like some weird futuristic world where Pizza Hut sells hamburgers, TCBY sells pizza, dogs sleep with cats, etc.

  3. No more potato cakes??? That stuff was like greasy-delicious heaven! Their absence is news to me.

    And nothing says “Vegas honeymoon” better than Arby’s Potato Cakes!

  4. Soon in this new futuristic salad drive-through world, it will become illegal to sell unhealthy food. Our kids will have no concept of the original Happy Meal. They will be forced to eat tofu while the uncivilized exiles poison their bodies with their contraband stash of Big Macs and potato cakes, as they lurk in shadows to avoid the agents of the Department of Foodland Security. O’ brave new world, whither has your McNugget gone?

  5. You HAVE to see the opening 15 minutes or so of the movie The Island.

    It frightens me to a 1984-level, and relates to this conversation some.

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