They’ve come a long way

On Monday my new Macbook Pro arrived. Three days earlier it was in a factory in Shanghai! Why can’t everyone be as efficient as FedEx?

When I was in 2nd grade, there was a computer in our class and the teacher would let me stay after class to type in programs from a magazine. One of the programs I typed in made some kind of cool graphics display when I finally finished typing. Well, cool at the time, anyway. I was sold onto computers ever since. Picking up on my interest, my parents got me an Apple //c for my birthday which ranks up there as one of the most influential things they did for me.


I kept typing away. While the cool kids were outside playing, I was busy typing in programs from Nibble magazine, which is probably what created my appreciation for programming. Makes me wonder how such an interest is conveyed to today’s kids.


Sure, Lode Runner LOOKS colorful, but all I had on my Apple was green on black! The kids that had Commodore 64s had it better, since the games were superior.

So, I’ve now come full circle with my return to Apple. And like a million other dorks, I’ve posted geeky pictures of my Macbook on my blog.


The cool styrofoam all the Mac dorks keep talking about.


The little square box contains all the user manuals and CDs. Very compact and well designed. And the little remote is cute. You use it to control Front Row, a media center for OS X.


Behold the shiny X. Your brain shall be imprinted and uploaded for review by the cult of Steve.


The machine is very fast. From poweron to desktop took all of some number of seconds that I didn’t count.


Since I am such a greedy bastard I have three laptops now. One runs XP, the other runs Ubuntu Linux, and now I’ve got the Macbook. A buffet of the best and worst of each world.

Overall, I’m enjoying the Macbook Pro quite a bit. I’m still trying to get used to the Apple way of doing things. They certainly put a lot of effort into the look-and-feel of every application. I hope that the attention to detail extends beyond the “ooh, shiny” aspect of the machine.

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