Iris’ birthing story


July 14th


At appointment talking to Dr. Moffett (sp?). He decides it’s time to schedule the induction.

We go home, grab our things, then off to the hospital.


We check into triage.

Waiting with all the nurses. Monitoring BP.

Finally check into labor room.

Ambien! Visit from friends. Uncomfortable couch.

July 15th


Induction was to start early but was several hours late.

Hold off on epidural as long as possible (did not last long). Labor progresses very quickly.

One minute, talking to Turmans. The next minute, pushing.

Seeing the top of schmee’s head. Helping Kathryn push.

Doctor Garcia enters with BBQ tray. Iris’ head comes out more and more, then in a few moments, she is delivered and everyone is crying.

They place Iris on Kathryn’s chest; Iris calms down and opens her eyes.

Later they clean her off while I’m filming.


Recovery room

July 16th in the hospital

New baby smell

July 17th

Going home

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