Today, on “Internet”, part 2

(15:41:11) Dave: i think i typed a bush-ism accidentally
(15:41:24) Dave: writing up some sbir crap on the wiki, i tried to type “easily”
(15:41:29) Dave: and ended up typing “easible”
(15:41:38) Jon: HAH HAH HAH
(15:41:58) Jon: see? modern society makes ya dumbpid!
(15:42:01) Dave: it’d be a good name for a company 🙂
(15:42:07) Dave: Welcome to Easible
(15:42:32) Jon: that’d be a good name for a ranch out in nevada…
(15:42:29) Dave: oh, i saw an ad for some meds for bi-polar patients
(15:42:34) Dave: it had the worst drug name ever
(15:42:38) Dave: it was called “Abilify”
(15:42:47) Jon: oh yeah, that stuff
(15:42:59) Dave: it makes you able! so it abilifies you!
(15:43:00) Jon: pharmaceuticals have all kinds of stupid names like that now
(15:43:28) Jon: “Ask you doctor about Pubella!”
(15:43:32) Jon: “No, I don’t think I will…”
(15:44:39) Dave: LOL

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