Merry Christmas

Down the road from us is a house that looks like it could be straight out of rural West Virginia. Chickens in the yard, junk strewn about, little shacks, a chicken coop, etc. In true houseblinger style, the residents there have decked out their property with all sorts of christmas lights and ornaments. Kathryn spotted lit snowman figures there mounted in a circle on top of what looked like a partially above-ground septic tank. So, naturally, we’ve now coined the term “Septic Snowmen”. If I ever started a band, that would be the name!

Incidentally, it was Frank that reminded me about this story, since his screen name is “septicfields”.

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  3. That *IS* a good band name. I also like Mark I’s fake band name: “Swiss Army Dick”.

  4. hahahahahhahahahahaah nice, i sent that to Mark…….

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