No escape

There is no escape from the Michael Jackson circus (link). A few minutes ago, I got one of the trojan horse emails the article describes:

Last night, while in his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson has made a suicidal attempt.

They suggest this attempt follows the last claim was made against the king of pop.
46 years old Michael has left pre-suicid note which describes and interpretes some of his sins.

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I automatically clicked the button like a dumbass (expecting a spammer site of some kind; curiosity got the best of me), then quickly cancelled the browser request, thankfully before anything happened.

On a related note, because of all this Jacko attention, I learned some new British slang related to child molestation: “Kiddy fiddling”. The Brits are having a field day with Jacko. I think there is a lot of attraction to seeing the mighty American pop culture machine take a big dive.

I just can’t wait to see his picture in the California online sex offender registry. Makes me wonder if there are office betting pools across the country right now bubbling over with anticipation…

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