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I wonder if Charles’ dog is named “Phydeaux”

If an S and an I and an O and a U
With an X at the end spell Su;
And an E and a Y and an E spell I,
Pray what is a speller to do?
Then, if also an S and an I and a G
And an HED spell side,
There’s nothing much left for a speller to do
But to go commit siouxeyesighed.
Charles Follen Adams, “An Orthographic Lament”

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  • Microsoft's new marketing compaign responds to popular opinion of Vista (it sucks) by tricking people into thinking they are being shown a new version of Windows called "Mojave". But it's just Vista, and it fools people into saying they like it. Sheesh.
  • "Is your ISP interfering with BitTorrent connections? Cutting off VOIP calls? Undermining principles of network neutrality? To answer those questions, concerned people need tools to test Internet connections and gather evidence about ISP interference."
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Maybe they are insurance reps

“I’ve had patients tell me, ‘Doc, it’s not very reassuring’.”

– John Kroner, surgeon, discussing the turkey vultures perching on the ledges and windowsills of Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin. Quoted in the article “Vultures prey on surgery patients’ peace of mind.”